Council Declares Civic Holiday in August

Council Declares Civic Holiday in August
Posted on 05/15/2019
During the May monthly meeting, Council declared its Natal Day as an annual City of Charlottetown Civic Holiday, to be held on the first Monday in August each year.

This year, Natal Day will be celebrated as a Civic Holiday on Monday, August 5. On this date, the City of Charlottetown and its administrative offices will be closed for the day.

Natal Day is the celebration and recognition of the City of Charlottetown’s birthday. The act to incorporate the Town of Charlottetown was passed on April 17, 1855. Over the past century, the celebration date of Natal Day has fluctuated several times with dates in June and August.

The August Civic holiday is not a statutory holiday; however Federal Government employees do receive this date as a holiday in accordance with their collective agreements. The Provincial Government recognizes this date as a civic holiday and offices in the Prince County area are closed for the day. Local businesses can decide at their discretion if they wish to close in recognition of Natal Day.

This City of Charlottetown Natal Day activities that historically have taken place in June, will now be celebrated in August around the Civic Holiday. A formal announcement with the schedule of planned activities and events is to come within the next few months.