City Passes 2020-21 Capital Budget

City Passes 2020-21 Capital Budget
Posted on 02/06/2020
Charlottetown City Council has adopted the 2020-2021 Capital Budget in the amount of $26.06 million, an increased investment of $4.09 million from the previous fiscal year. The $26.06 million for capital projects includes $4.39 million for the Water and Sewer Utility and $21.67 million for the City corporation.

“We are investing in our economy, building upon a strong foundation for the future through capital injections in community sustainability, transit, street and sidewalk rehabilitation, emergency preparedness and infrastructure,” said Councillor Terry Bernard, Chair of the City’s Finance, Audit and Tendering committee. “With this approval, we can begin to issue tenders for projects that aren’t subject to partner funding, and turn our focus to developing an operational budget that complements our capital investments and priorities.”

The Capital budget includes expenditures in parks and recreation in the amount of $3.46 million for projects such as the renewal of the Wright’s Creek Bridge ($1.32 million), trail developments and repairs for boardwalk sections, park pathways, and arena repairs. For Public Works, the Capital budget is $16.57 million, which includes projects such as $3 million for an expansion to the City Works facility on MacAleer Drive, $2.8 million in paving and street rehabilitation, $1.3 million for sidewalks, the Fitzroy Parkade expansion, fleet management, and traffic and pedestrian signal upgrades.

Approximately $3.93 million is earmarked for fire, police and emergency preparedness, which includes the purchase of two new fire trucks, design of the new Fire station, and emergency generators. Community sustainability projects to support active transportation, transit and energy upgrades are also part of the City’s capital investments, with $5.54 million budgeted.

Capital projects in Water and Sewer for 2020-2021 include finalizing work on the wellfield reservoir, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the East Royalty lift station and gravity sewer line. Upgrades are also planned for wastewater lift stations.

“As the Finance Chair, I’d like to thank my committee, my fellow members of Council, City staff and our partners for the work that went into this Capital budget,” Councillor Bernard said. “Moving on to our operational budget, we look forward to continued collaboration.”

The City’s operational budget will be presented to the public at a meeting in March. An announcement will be made once the date has been finalized.

More information on the City’s 2020-2021 Capital budget is available online at