2019 Community Sustainability Annual Report

City Releases 2019 Community Sustainability Annual Report and Updated Sustainable Living Guide
Posted on 04/21/2020
The City of Charlottetown would like to announce the release of the 2019 Community Sustainability Annual Report. This report outlines the progress made towards the Goals and Actions of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) in 2019. The ICSP, released in 2017, was developed in consultation with the public to provide direction for the realization of the community’s sustainability goals.

The Goals and Actions of the ICSP fall under ten major themes: Water; Energy; Transportation; Food; Healthy Economy; Infrastructure and the Built Environment; People and Places; Arts, Culture and Heritage; Active Healthy Living; and Nature. Developments on each of these is discussed in the Community Sustainability Annual Report. In recent years ‘Waste’ was found to be a stand-alone theme of high interest and value to the public, various sectors and levels of government. As such, this theme was added to the 2019 report.

The report highlights many successes accomplished in 2019 including the:
• Adoption of the Community Energy Plan (CEP);
• Launch of the Student Transit Project;
• Development and release of the Charlottetown Food Council’s Food Charter;
• Approval and commencement of new affordable housing developments;
• Successful execution of a pilot project to assess and improve traffic flow in Charlottetown;
• Installation of the Jumpstart Inclusive Playground in Victoria Park;
• Adoption of the Tree Protection Bylaw;
• Launch of the Bring It Charlottetown single-use plastic reduction campaign.

There were many successes and achievements in 2019 to celebrate, but in order to continue to learn and grow, the City felt it necessary to also reflect on the challenges and what was learned from them. As a result, a ‘Lessons Learned’ section was a new addition to the 2019 report.

The City is also releasing an updated version of the Sustainable Living Guide. This resource is intended to support Charlottetown residents in making decisions that promote a more sustainable lifestyle and to inspire people to consider the true impact of their choices on the planet and future generations. The guide outlines practical tips as well as municipal and provincial programs and guidelines relating to: energy efficiency, waste, property management, water, transportation, and shopping.

With Earth Day coming up on Wednesday, April 22, the public is encouraged to review the Sustainable Living Guide and assess ways that they can incorporate sustainable habits into their own life. These changes can be as simple as walking, cycling, or using public transit instead of driving, unplugging appliances and electronics that aren’t in use, or shopping locally. Everyone has a role to play in protecting the beautiful Island environment and the City encourages residents to do their part.

For more information about the ICSP, the 2019 Community Sustainability Annual Report, or the Sustainable Living Guide click Sustainability Resources under the Environment and Sustainability tab.