2020 Sustainability Micro-Grant Recipients

2020 Community Sustainability Micro-Grant Recipients
Posted on 08/10/2020
Ten new projects relating to community sustainability are receiving funding from the City of Charlottetown’s Community Sustainability Micro-Grant Program.

The community-led projects have received this funding due to the fact that they further the goals and actions of the City’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) and also engage the community in sustainability. The micro-grant awards range between $500 and $2,500.

Each of the 2020 micro-grant projects relate to one or more of the four pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, cultural, and social. A wide range of projects have been funded, including the building new shade structures in the city, the construction of a free-to-play disc golf course, a dance showcase celebrating Caribbean culture, and an art initiative celebrating those who have been trailblazers in their support of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

The 2020 micro-grant recipients are:
• PEI Adventure Initiative – Charlottetown Disc Golf Course
• Stars for Life Foundation – Staying Connected with Family, Friends & Nature
• PEI Food Exchange – Videos on Growing Food
• Charlottetown Farmer’s Market – Healthy Harvest Program for Students
• The Island Fringe Festival – Calypso Secrets: An Oshun Dance Studios Showcase
• North of Euston Neighbourhood Group – Shade and Shelter for the People!
• Charlottetown Junior Roller Derby – Roller Skate Gear Library
• PEI Wild Child – Tales of Islandia
• UPEI Student Union – UPEISU Bike Co-Op Expansion
• Pride PEI Inc. – Honouring the Trailblazers

To view the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, visit: https://www.charlottetown.ca/environment___sustainability/sustainability/sustainability_resources

2020 Micro-Grant Project Descriptions:

1) Project Title: Charlottetown Disc Golf Course
Disc golf is an accessible sport that involves throwing discs, also known as Frisbees, with the goal of hitting a target (disc catcher) in as few throws as possible. This project involves building a free-to-play disc golf course in the green space by Charlottetown Rural High School (CRHS). This will remove barriers to participation in this sport as, currently, all disc golf courses on PEI require a car to access and a fee to play.

2) Project Title: Staying Connected with Family, Friends & Nature
The Stars for Life Foundation, which works to include young people with autism spectrum disorder in the community, is intending to build a gazebo on their property. This will expand the space where their clients can socialize and learn while maintaining social distancing. This is especially important since many of their clients are not able to wear masks due to sensitivities. One intended use is as a location to conduct classes, such as nature-based art activities. The gazebo will also provide opportunities for clients to stay more connected with nature.

3) Project Title: Videos on Growing Food
Due to COVID-19 the Food Exchange was unable to conduct their regular in-person gardening workshops in 2020. However, COVID-19 has resulted in many more people trying to grow food, often for the first time. To assist new gardeners, Food Exchange proposes creating a series of 6-10 short videos on specific topics by local farmers and gardeners. This will act to ensure success and encourage these gardeners to keep producing some of their own food in the future. The videos will be short, one topic videos dictated by the growing season. The videos will showcase local knowledge to address the specific issues people in Charlottetown face when it comes to growing food.

4) Project Title: Healthy Harvest Program for Students
The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market would like to expand their Healthy Harvest Program, which is in its sixth year, to include a subprogram specifically focusing on students. The program will provide participating students with $25/week over 10 weeks in fall 2020, enabling them to purchase fresh locally grown produce (including meat & fish) at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. This is in response to a survey done by the UPEI Student Union Life Department, which has identified at least 55 students that will require additional financial support, in part, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This project will also act to support local food producers. The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market will also work with UPEI dietician students to develop easy to cook, healthy recipes and associated workshops for participants.

5) Project Title: Calypso Secrets - An Oshun Dance Studios Showcase
Oshun Dance, PEI’s only Black-owned dance company, is partnering with The Island Fringe Festival, The Black Cultural Society of PEI and The River Clyde Pageant to present “Calypso Secrets”. This full-length dance showcase will feature original choreography and live music choreographed by emerging artist, Reequal Smith. This will be a one-night only, admission-by-donation, 45 minute performance in The Bog, also known as Rochford Square. Performed by an ensemble of four dancers, a vocalist, a drummer and a DJ, “Calypso Secrets” will highlight the diverse talents of its ensemble, incorporating a twist of Caribbean culture and diversity. Choreography will fuse modern, jazz, African and funk styles, paired with live and recorded music including Afro-Caribbean, Latin, funk, reggae and jazz selections. It will be a performance that celebrates women and female empowerment and Caribbean culture. The show will also act to support emerging artists at a time when many in person shows have been canceled as a result of COVID-19. The event’s location will help raise the profile of The Bog’s history and connections to PEI’s Black community.

6) Project Title: Shade and Shelter for the People!
The North of Euston neighbourhood group intends to build a shade structure at Orlebar Park. The park is a wonderful community gathering space but lacks shade, making it difficult for community members to gather at the park. Building this structure will enhance usability of the park and provide an outdoor location for socializing where social distancing is possible.

7) Project Title: Roller Skate Gear Library
The Charlottetown Junior Roller Derby - Roller Skate Lending Library project is designed to provide roller skating equipment to female skaters (aged 8-17), free of charge. The league plans to purchase roller skating equipment to create a ‘Roller Skate Gear Library’ where borrowers will have the opportunity to ‘check out’ a set of gear in their size during their weekly evening outdoor skate at Peakes Quay. Cost and access to equipment are major barriers for many participants, preventing interested youth from participating in the program. Goals include: empowering female youth, increasing the number of youth meeting their minimum daily physical activity requirements, to accommodate low-income participants, and to create an inclusive recreational activity.

8) Project Title: Tales of Islandia
Tales of Islandia is a Wild Child initiative that harnesses the power of imagination to build a role-playing-based program to promote mental health, healthy relationships, nature education, and active-living for at-risk and marginalized youth in Charlottetown. Tales of Islandia will run as a free after-school program. Marginalized and neurodiverse adult volunteers will be trained to support the youth and to build the experience. This initiative has an anti-racist and 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive philosophy and will strive to create a truly inclusive community. Themes of belonging, coming together across difference, and understanding neurodiversity will be explored through the overarching stories of the program.

9) Project Title: UPEISU Bike Co-Op Expansion
The Bike Co-op, which began in 2019, is a service available to all UPEI students, which gives students access to a bicycle, a helmet, and a lock & key. This service aims to provide students with an environmentally friendly & active choice of transportation, for both on and off-campus use. Currently, they have ten bicycles, and over 50 students make use of this service. This microgrant will fund the purchase of additional bicycles for this program as well as the expansion of their existing bike racks.

10) Project Title: Honouring the Trailblazers
Pride PEI Inc. will commission artists to create portraits to celebrate members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community on PEI who have been trailblazers in encouraging positive social change, greater inclusion, representation, mentorship and the creation of safer spaces for members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. The goal of this project is to highlight the creative works of local 2SLGBTQIA+ artists as well as to recognize the contributions members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community have made in bringing about positive social change. This project will also add value to the history of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Charlottetown by adding physical assets to what has previously been only an oral history and shared stories within the community.