Charlottetown Parking Rate Increases Delayed

Charlottetown Parking Rate Increases Delayed
Posted on 09/17/2020
The City of Charlottetown is advising residents, visitors, and businesses that previously announced increases to metered parking and parkade rates will be delayed until at least October 31, to allow time for discussion with the business community.

Metered parking and parkade rate increases were originally announced in April as part of the City’s 2020-2021 budget.

In an effort to support residents and businesses during the provincially declared public health emergency, Council announced free parking from March 19 through the months of April, May and June. Enforcement of time-related meter violations and the issuing of parking tickets (aside from safety issues) were also suspended during that time.

The new metered parking and parkade rate increases were to come into effect on October 1, 2020. Due to continued impacts from the pandemic and concerns raised by the business community, Council voted at a Special Meeting on Thursday, September 17 to delay instituting the new fees for at least one month until Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC), the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Charlottetown Inc., and other partners can be consulted.

“We do understand the concerns and recognize that a commitment was made to discuss the increases with the business community before actually instituting them,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “That consultation didn’t happen, and the business community has made it clear that increasing the parking fees on October 1 will have a detrimental effect on an already struggling industry.”

The revenue from parking meters and parkade fees goes toward the ongoing staffing and maintenance of the City’s three parkades, as well as maintenance, repairs, and improvements to street infrastructure. The City is required by Provincial legislation to have a balanced budget and must find revenue to offset expenses.

“Due to the lack of revenue during the first few months of the pandemic, as well as the impact on revenue the City would normally see from things like events, programs, and user fees, along with the unexpected expenses for increased cleaning, sanitization supplies, and personal protective equipment, the City cannot afford status quo,” said Councillor Terry Bernard, Chair of the City’s Finance, Audit and Tendering Committee. “To balance the budget, revenues need to return to some level of normal and that would include the increases to fees that were budgeted for this fiscal. That said, we recognize that we need to find a balance and work with our business community. It’s a financial predicament for all involved, which is why Council has collectively agreed to hold off on the increases for now.”

Parking rates will remain at $1.50 per hour for parking meters, and $1.25 per hour, $8.75 per day, and $115 per month for the parkades. The new rates will come into effect on October 31, pending discussions with the business community.