Testing of New Tree Planting Product

Testing of New Tree Planting Product in Charlottetown’s Downtown
Posted on 10/22/2020

The City of Charlottetown is testing a new tree planting product intended to improve the success rate and ability to plant more trees in the downtown.

The City is teaming up with Bird Stairs, ABT Inc., and Pinnacle Agencies Ltd., to test out a product called Permavoid. The product is installed underground to help capture water for tree roots and protect tree roots from compaction.

“The trees in our parks, natural areas, along our streets and on private property make up our urban forest. These trees not only make our city beautiful; they contribute to the health of our citizens and have economic, recreational, and environmental benefits,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “We have more than 7,500 street trees but are challenged to find sufficient space for trees in the downtown core. If this project is successful, we may be able to increase the tree cover into our historic downtown along with the plantings we do throughout the city.”

Permavoid is an underground system made of a series of blocks, water wicking cones and special soil that will create a protected space, dedicated to tree growth. The pilot product site is located on the northwest corner of Queen Street and Richmond Street. Prep work to the site is expected to begin today (Thursday, October 22) with installation of the new product to start next week (weather permitting). Traffic flow may be impacted, at times, so motorists should expect delays if travelling in the area. Traffic control personnel will be on site to direct traffic, as needed.

“Growing healthy, mature trees in an urban landscape is a challenge but having a tree canopy throughout the city is very important to the health of the environment and the public,” said Councillor Mitchell Tweel, Chair of the City’s Environment and Sustainability Committee. “We’re hopeful that this new project will have positive results and we’ll be able to look at budgeting or fundraising for more downtown tree plantings in the future.”

For more information on other Sustainability initiatives in Charlottetown, visit Charlottetown.ca and click on Environment and Sustainability (Direct link: https://charlottetown.ca/environment___sustainability/sustainability/programs_and_initiatives ).