City to Bring Light to Winter’s Darkness

City to Bring Light to Winter’s Darkness
Posted on 01/04/2021
To bring light to the darkness of winter during these challenging times, the City of Charlottetown, in conjunction with downtown partners, will be transitioning Holiday lights to winter lights in an effort to add sparkle and pizazz to the city this winter.

There is no better time than the darkness of winter to create an effective palette for creative lighting, while making the city more magical and inviting. The coziness of Historic Downtown Charlottetown creates the perfect backdrop for warm, welcoming, and memorable moments and unlimited photo opportunities.

“Charlottetown - the Birthplace of Confederation - has always found ways to encourage residents and visitors to get out and enjoy the best of Canadian Winter,” said Mayor Philip Brown. “Lights are inspiring and give a reason to wander, enjoy, and safely explore all the city has to offer including your favourite shops, restaurants, and cafes.”

Winter can be a quiet time of the year with longer nights and shorter days. With the Holiday Season coming to an end, the City is also encouraging residents and businesses to consider contributing to our sense of place and pride by keeping existing holiday lighting or transitioning holiday lights to winter installations.

Over the next couple of weeks, the municipality will be transitioning its Holiday décor through the use of alternate colour schemes and placement, creating a more festive atmosphere in downtown Charlottetown’s nighttime sky this winter.