Charlottetown Creates Natural Asset Inventory

City of Charlottetown Creates a Natural Asset Inventory
Posted on 06/25/2021
In collaboration with the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI), the City of Charlottetown has created a Natural Asset Inventory. The inventory was developed to understand better where City natural assets are and what their current condition may be. This information will allow the City to make more informed policy and planning decisions; this initial inventory is the City’s first step towards natural asset management.

Natural assets include forests, wetlands, parks, lakes, rivers, and ponds, among other examples. These assets are important because they provide ecological services that have measurable benefits. They can improve air and water quality, capture carbon, manage stormwater, prevent flooding, provide insulation or cooling effects, health benefits, and more.
By managing natural assets, the City of Charlottetown can maximize the benefits provided by these assets and the ecosystem services they provide. Natural assets have the potential to provide the same services as engineered assets, often at a lower cost

“I am very excited about the creation of our Natural Asset Inventory,” said Councillor Mitchell Tweel, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability committee. “We are committed to balancing the need of a growing community as well as the need to preserve our natural assets now and into the future. This inventory is a wonderful first step that will allow our City to take the next steps towards better managing our natural assets.”

The online dashboard provides graphical representations of Charlottetown’s natural asset data, which allows the user to visualize and gain a better understanding of the data. The online dashboard also allows users to navigate through, organize, and analyze specific data sets.
To view the Natural Asset Inventory and the report prepared by MNAI visit: