99% of City Employees Fully Vaccinated

99% of City Employees Fully Vaccinated as of December 1, 2021
Posted on 12/02/2021
As of December 1, 2021, 433 of 439 employees are confirmed as fully vaccinated at the City of Charlottetown. This number represents approximately 99% of all City of Charlottetown staff, including members of the council and volunteer firefighters. The remaining six employees are partially vaccinated, with their second vaccination appointment already scheduled. These six represent approximately 1% of City staff.

“I am incredibly proud of our corporation, our staff, volunteer firefighters, and my colleagues on council,” said Mayor Philip Brown. “When our council passed the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy in October of this year, we knew that we were trying to lead by example, and I am delighted to see that our staff and our volunteers were overwhelmingly on side with our efforts to protect each other and all residents of Charlottetown by listening to the science and doing what is right for themselves, for their colleagues, and for all residents of Charlottetown,” said Mayor Brown.

At a special meeting of the City Council on October 25, 2021, the City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, which required all staff, council members, volunteers, and contractors to be fully vaccinated as of November 30, 2021. Those who failed to comply risked being placed on unpaid administrative leave. Any employee who was granted an exemption based on medical or religious grounds would need to follow a strict regimen of testing to ensure that all possible precautions were taken; however, as of December 1, 2021, no exemptions have been granted. Those employees who were only partially vaccinated as of the November 30 deadline needed to be able to have their second dose appointment scheduled and will be required to work with the Human Resources department to ensure that all safety measures are taken.

“I would like to thank all employees for their efforts to get us to this incredible milestone. It has been a challenging year for many residents, but here at the City of Charlottetown, we are proud to lead by example. We expect to hit the 100% fully vaccinated target in the coming months, so residents should know that here in the city, the safety and the health of all residents is our top priority. We’re going to get through this pandemic together, and this is a big step forward.” said Mayor Brown.

For more information on the City of Charlottetown Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination policy: www.charlottetown.ca/mayor___council/city_council/city_policies