City Reaches Agreement on New Round-About

City, Cycling Group Reach Agreement on New Round-About
Posted on 06/15/2022

In a meeting between City staff and Bike Friendly Communities, all parties have reached a decision that will allow for the round-about project at the intersection of Belvedere, St. Peter’s, and Brackley Point Road to proceed on time while accommodating the needs of pedestrians and the cycling community in Charlottetown.

The number of new components will be added to the current plans that will allow for cyclists, pedestrians, and others to navigate the new roundabout safely and effectively all while ensuring that the project remain on the public right of way. Components will include:

  • The construction a uni-directional, 1.5m wide, paved active transportation pathway that circulates the outside of the roundabout and will replace the proposed sidewalk.
    • All users will be directed to circulate counter clockwise (the same as vehicular traffic circulates) on the pathway to get to their destination.
  • The construction of ramps at all approaches to ensure safe and easy accessibility for cyclist when enter/exiting the cycling lanes on the roadway.
  • Installation of detailed signage and a road markings plan will be developed later this year to direct users on how to navigate the roundabout.

“We appreciate the hard work of Bike Friendly Communities on this project. Our Public Works and Environment and Sustainability staff had an excellent meeting today that led to a unique and creative solution that will meet the needs of all users of this intersection, while ensuring the infrastructure can be constructed within the public right of way. I would like to thank our City staff and Bike Friendly Communities for their tireless work in finding a solution that will leave all parties satisfied,” said Mayor Philip Brown.

“Bike Friendly Communities thanks City Council for hearing the concerns of residents of Charlottetown, and the staff of Public Works and Environment and Sustainability for meeting with us. These changes are another step toward our shared vision of an active Charlottetown - while keeping construction projects on time and on budget. We look forward to working with the City towards an inclusive urban environment where people of all backgrounds and abilities feel confident and safe in their choice to walk, wheel, or drive,” said Isaac Williams from Bike Friendly Communities

Work on the project is expected to start in mid-July of this year.