City Update: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

City Update: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Posted on 09/28/2022

The City of Charlottetown Emergency Measures team and EMO partners remain focused on coordinated recovery and clean up efforts. While work crews continue to focus on clearing roadways and approach the finish line in their efforts to make all city streets passable, significant work remains to be done. The support and generosity that the community, our partners, and local businesses have shown over these past few days continue to energize crews as work continues.

Recovery and Clean Up Efforts
Public Works crews, the City’s Urban Forestry team, and off-Island support from the City of Fredericton and Moncton have been on the ground since first light again today and continue recovery and clean up efforts. In terms of progress, approximately 95 per cent of roads have been cleared. While most streets are passable, some will remain closed for now due to hazardous debris and downed power lines.

As we look ahead to the next phase of recovery efforts, the City’s Urban Forestry team is out this morning identifying trees that are damaged and at risk of falling. Parks and Recreation crews are also out continuing their assessment of damage to parks and playgrounds.

Reception Centres
The City has reopened its three Reception Centres that are providing some comforts such as Wi-Fi, municipal water (bring your own drinking container), small snacks and power to charge personal devices. Since they opened, nearly 8,500 visits have been made to the City’s three Reception Centres.

Please note that the hours of the Reception Centres have changed today to 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

The following Reception Centres are open until 8 p.m. today:

  • Hillsborough Park Community Centre (199 Patterson Dr)
  • Malcolm J. Darrach Community Centre (1 Avonlea Dr)
  • Confederation Centre of the Arts (145 Richmond St)

Safety Reminders
Important and essential safety reminders include:

• Limit travel to essential travel only. Travelling throughout the City before and after daylight is strongly discouraged.

• Slow down on the roadways and treat non-working traffic signals as a four-way stop.

• Barbeques and cooking appliances are not to be used indoors, and this includes garages and balconies.

• Generators must be used outdoors and away from any building openings.

• Do not attempt to clear trees or branches away from downed power lines.

• Do not pile debris on the roadway, sidewalks, the shoulder of the road, or in cycling lanes. If it safe to do so, please place manageably sized debris in 4-foot, manageable bundles (maximum 50 pounds) on the side of the road. This will help City crews during the lengthy clean up process ahead.

• Municipal water is safe to drink, however please conserve water and limit usage as much as possible. The less water enters the system, the easier it is for our Water and Sewer Utility to maintain service.

• Stay out of parks and off of playgrounds until further notice. With roadways as the current priority, work crews will assess parks and park infrastructure in the coming days.

Reporting a Municipal Issue
To report an issue with Public Works or Water and Sewer Utility, please call our mainline at 902-566-5548. Residents can also call this line with any questions or concerns. For any emergency situations, residents are advised to call 911.

Stay Informed
Following this Public Notice, the City will continue to keep residents informed through the City’s social media channels Twitter at @ChtownPE and Facebook at @CityofCharlottetown, or the City's website at