Community Gardens Application

Through its Integrated Sustainability Plan, the City of Charlottetown aims to promote local food production.

The City of Charlottetown recognizes that community gardens benefit communities by:

  • Connecting people to food and nature;

  • Providing healthy and local food sources.

  • Connecting people to each other;

  • Providing habitat and pollinator plants;

  • Increasing activity in parks and, in turn, creating safer parks; and

  • Adding interest to parks;

The City of Charlottetown’s financial and in-kind contributions towards the establishment of community gardens on City land include the provision of land, water and signage. All other costs and labour are the responsibility of the garden group.

Below are the requirements that must be fulfilled to be considered for establishing a Community Garden in City parkland:

  • Garden must be led by an established group of volunteers or non-profit group, which has funds or a funding structure to build and maintain a community garden. Must have supplies needed to maintain the garden (i.e. hose, soil, compost, plants and lumber for possible raised bed); and

  • Garden must be located in one of the City’s target neighbourhoods (see map below), be compatible with existing park uses and have access to a water source.

Groups interested in establishing a community garden in a City park must submit a request to the City of Charlottetown by filling out the form below. Requests will be reviewed by the Environment and Sustainability Department and the Parks and Recreation Department.

For information and the application for the Community Vegetable Planters Program click here

Community Gardens Application

Contact Name: 

Phone Number: 


Community Group Name: 

Community for proposed garden: 

Park name for proposed garden: 

Is the proposed garden in one of the priority neighbourhoods on the map below: 

Proposed use of garden (check all that apply):

 Food growing

 Pollinator plants

 Native plants

 Older adult focus

 Multicultural focus

 Community building


Describe your vision for the proposed garden (i.e. how many people will be involved, number and size of garden beds including height, if a raised bed):

Provide details on volunteer support secured and who will lead the management of the garden and liaise with the City on garden operations:

How will your group acquire the funds needed to create and operate a community garden?


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