Charlottetown Celebrates Heritage Day

Charlottetown Celebrates Heritage Day
Posted on 02/23/2021
The City of Charlottetown held a private awards ceremony today, February 23, 2021, in celebration of Heritage Day (Tuesday, February 16) to honour individuals who have worked diligently to preserve and celebrate the city’s heritage. The event, originally scheduled for February 16, was rescheduled due to a storm closure.

“The preservation of Charlottetown’s heritage is not the responsibility of any one person or group; it relies on the efforts of a network of dedicated individuals, which extends backwards in time and, thanks to the efforts of the award recipients, well into the future,” said Mayor Philip Brown. “For your work in bringing the memories of Charlottetown’s people and places alive, we thank you.”

Diane and Tom Barnes received a Heritage Award for their work in restoring and unveiling the history of “School Street House,” and sharing it with the public. Located at 54 Walthen Drive, School Street House was built in c. 1874 and served as the childhood home of Dr. Constance Ida MacFarlane, a renowned scientist and leading expert on seaweed. Her research laid the foundation for a thriving Irish Moss industry in the Atlantic region.

The Catherine G. Hennessey Award was presented to local historian, Gary Carroll for his generosity with his collection of historical materials, and extensive work in documenting and promoting the history of the city. The award was established in 2011 to honour of Catherine G. Hennessey, a long-time historian, author, and heritage activist. It is presented annually to an individual or group whose efforts have increased the appreciation of Charlottetown, stimulated love for the community, or helped shape the city.

“On behalf of Mayor and Council, I want to congratulate Gary on this well-deserved award as he has made a significant contribution to our collective heritage in publications, as well as the City’s collection and exhibits,” said Councillor Mike Duffy, Chair of the City’s Planning and Heritage Committee. “I’d also like to congratulate Diane and Tom for restoring the School Street House so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated for many more generations. It is the passion and dedication of people like this that results in a strong sense of community pride.”

For more information about Heritage Day 2021, contact the Planning and Heritage Department at: 902-629-4158.

To explore the City’s heritage and view past exhibits, visit: