City of Charlottetown Celebrates World Water Day

City of Charlottetown Celebrates World Water Day
Posted on 03/22/2021
Charlottetown City Hall will be lit blue for World Water Day on Monday, March 22, 2021. The City is pleased to join landmarks across the country, including Vancouver City Hall, Calgary Tower, and the CN Tower in recognition of the Global Water Crisis.

World Water Day is recognized annually to increase public awareness of important global freshwater issues. Events are held around the world on this day, and this year’s theme is “Valuing Water.”

Even though water is recognized as a human right, there are approximately 887 million people globally without access to clean water. The City of Charlottetown encourages residents to join the conversation and think about the question: What does water mean to you? The City has implemented many measures over the past decade to ensure that water sources are sustainable for generations to come. To find out how you can reduce your water consumption, aid the City’s water conservation efforts, and take advantage of rebates and programs available to residents, visit

One of the easiest ways to value water in your home is to check for water leaks. Last week, for Fix a Leak Week 2021, the City of Charlottetown released a new video that explains how to check your water meter at home for leaks as part of your regular maintenance. You can watch the video on the City’s YouTube channel here:

To learn more about World Water Day visit