City Passes 2019-20 Capital Budget Unanimously

City Passes 2019-20 Capital Budget Unanimously
Posted on 03/07/2019
Charlottetown City Council has adopted the 2019-2020 Capital Budget in the amount of $14.5 million, marking a significant investment in the city’s economy.

“This Capital budget includes tremendous enhancements throughout the city, with investments in our parks and recreational activities, fire and emergency preparedness, transit, community sustainability, and our infrastructure, along with other priority items,” said Councillor Terry Bernard, Chair of the City’s Finance, Audit and Tendering Committee. “We have been able to present this budget early because Council was united on approving a Capital budget that responds to the needs of their constituents and the City corporation, and it also had few edits to make before being able to vote on it. Now that it has approval, we can begin to issue tenders to get to work right away on these improvements to our great city.”

The Capital budget for the Charlottetown Water and Sewer Corporation was also passed by Council at a Special Meeting held on Wednesday, March 6. The Utility’s Capital budget was approved at a net contribution of $7.3 million, subject to Federal and/or Provincial government contributions.

Investments in parks and recreation were made in the amount of $1.1 million, for projects such as $210,000 for playground upgrades and $100,000 for improvements in Victoria Park, including accessible pathways and a water wheelchair. For Public Works, the Capital budget is $9.2 million (subject to partner funding), which includes $2.5 million for paving, $1.8 million for ditch infilling, and $835,280 for sidewalks. Approximately $1.2 million was earmarked for fire and emergency preparedness, with an additional $263,296 for Police Services. Community Sustainability projects, such as corporate energy upgrades and cycling signage for streets and trails, received $736,150, as well as a $168,750 investment in Transit (contingent on partner funding). Additional infrastructure investments were made with $200,000 allocated to Charlottetown Area Recreation Inc., and $150,000 for the Eastlink Centre. The City is also allocating $895,700 for Information Technology, which will include necessary upgrades in the Council Chambers that will ensure meetings are more accessible to the public.

“This is good news for the city. We have authorized staff to start any projects that are not contingent on partner funding, so we will start seeing movement on these initiatives very soon,” Councillor Bernard said. “I’d like to thank our various partners, our City staff, the Finance committee and my fellow members of Council for the work that went into this Capital budget. Now we must turn our focus to the City’s operational budget.”

The City’s operational budget, along with the approved Capital budget, will be presented to the public at a meeting in the coming weeks. An announcement will be made once the date has been finalized.

A breakdown of the City’s Capital budget is available online at