City Update, September 25, 2022

City Update, September 25, 2022
Posted on 09/25/2022

The City of Charlottetown Emergency Measures team and EMO partners continue to assess the challenges that Hurricane Fiona has presented. We will continue to keep residents informed through the City's social media pages (Twitter: @ChtownPE and Facebook: @CityofCharlottetown), on the City's website at and through local media.

We ask members of the public to stay off the roads and stay sheltered as much as possible. There is dangerous and unknown debris (including roofing nails and downed power lines) that can cause risk to persons and vehicles.

With that in mind, we are aware that members of the community need support at this time. Our Reception Centres are open, and will provide the ability for people to get fresh water, small snacks, and charge their devices. If you are not in need of support at this time, thank you for staying sheltered.

The following Reception Centres are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. today:

  • Hillsborough Park Community Centre (199 Patterson Dr)
  • Malcolm J. Darrach Community Centre (1 Avonlea Dr)
  • Confederation Centre of the Arts (145 Richmond St)

Crews are working diligently to manage emergencies, get residents to safety as required, and begin the lengthy process of clearing streets and assisting with efforts to restore power. Public Works has been out since early this morning continuing to clear roads from downed trees. Crews are prioritizing main roads around Fire Stations and Reception Centres, and will continue to work out from there. Please continue to practice patience, as this work will take some time.

Under no circumstances should residents attempt to clear trees or branches away from downed power lines. Public Works is also asking residents not to pile debris on the roadway. If it safe to do so, please place manageably-sized debris in piles on the side of the road and away from sidewalks. This will help City crews during the lengthy clean up process ahead.

Our Public Works and our Water and Sewer Utility dispatch lines are experiencing technical difficulties. Until these services come back online, report any new issues with City infrastructure or sewer back ups to 902-566-5548. Residents can also call this line with any questions or concerns. For any emergency situations, residents are advised to call 911.

While we do not anticipate disruptions on the municipal water system in Charlottetown, conserving water is crucial. Please limit your water usage at this time. The less water enters the system, the easier it is for our Water and Sewer Utility to maintain service.