Congrats to T3 Transit on Another Successful Year

Congratulations to T3 Transit on Another Successful Year
Posted on 10/03/2018
The City of Charlottetown wishes to congratulate T3 Transit on another successful year. The transit system recently celebrated its 13th anniversary of service in Charlottetown, growing from 75 passenger fares on its first day to nearly 3,000 passenger fares on the same day, 13 years later.

The statistics are in for September, and last month marked transit’s biggest month ever with 62,964 passenger fares. September 15 was their busiest Saturday in history with more than 1,534 passenger fares. There were 58,962 passenger fares in September 2018, up from 50,751 in September of last year.

T3 Transit continues to see tremendous growth in all three municipalities and City officials hope to see continued growth and support for the public transportation system into the future.


Additional stats:

There was growth in all three municipalities for the month of September, compared to September last year:
• Charlottetown: Sept., 2018 – 58,962; Sept., 2017 – 50,751 (16% increase)
• Cornwall: Sept., 2018 – 1,293; Sept., 2017 – 1,094 (18% increase)
• Stratford: Sept., 2018 – 2,709; Sept., 2017 – 2,536 (7% increase)