Expecting Protest on Saturday, February 5

City of Charlottetown Expecting Protest on Saturday, February 5, 2022
Posted on 02/03/2022
The City of Charlottetown would like to notify businesses and residents that a convoy-style protest is expected to occur on Saturday February 5. The protest is expected to begin in the John Yeo Drive area at 1:00pm. The anticipated route is to travel southbound on University Avenue to the Charlottetown Cenotaph. Charlottetown Police Services expect the protest could take several hours to complete their route, which could cause traffic blockages along University Avenue for the duration of the protest. Charlottetown Police Services have been in contact with protest organizers and are working diligently to inform residents and businesses along the proposed route of possible impacts, including conducting site visits to businesses and residents. At this time, we are unable to speculate on any adjoining protests that may be planned to coincide with this event. An increased police presence along the route and in the Downtown core on the day of the protest will be on hand.

The safety of Charlottetown residents and businesses remains the number one priority of the City Corporation and Charlottetown Police Services. The situation remains fluid, and the City of Charlottetown and Charlottetown Police Services will continue to monitor and inform the public of any changes that may arise.

Should it be necessary, a further update of any possible changes to dates or locations will be sent out ahead of the scheduled protest.