Major Plans Initiated

Two Major Plans Initiated to Help Define the City’s Future
Posted on 03/01/2022
Community engagement to begin early spring

As Charlottetown continues to plan for the future, two major plans have been initiated to help define how the City will grow and develop. The new plans – Strategic Plan and Official Plan – will help the City to embrace opportunities, confront challenges and leverage its assets that will allow it to flourish. Together, these plans will set the strategic direction for the corporation and the community and define how the City can continue to grow in a dynamic and sustainable way – socially, culturally, economically, physically, recreationally, and environmentally.

“The Strategic Plan and the Official Plan will be crucial to the next decade of growth and development in the City of Charlottetown and beyond. As Mayor, I look forward to initiating these major undertakings as our City continues to experience significant expansion in terms of both infrastructure and population,” said Mayor Philip Brown. “I am confident these plans will guide our long-term vision as we continue the delivery of important services to the residents and businesses in our community.”

Strategic Plan
The new five-year Strategic Plan will be the City’s highest-level plan and serve as a roadmap for prioritizing actions, policies, programs and partnerships. The Strategic Plan will help guide decision-making and the overall direction of Charlottetown’s future. Specifically, the plan will establish a common vision and define the City’s goals and priorities.

Official Plan
Charlottetown’s new Official Plan is a long-term plan that will guide how the City grows and develops. The Official Plan will align with the new Strategic Plan and serve as the foundation for the City’s land use and urban design, including the review and approval of development applications. The Official Plan policies will address important parts of city-building that affect everyone that lives, works and studies in Charlottetown, including transportation, housing, culture and heritage, the environment and the economy.

“I am pleased to help lead the development of these essential plans for the City. The strategic planning process will establish a collective vision for the City, with tangible and measurable strategic goals and priorities. It will inform the development and implementation of a much needed and long awaited “new” Official Plan, as well as provide guidance for the City’s overall service delivery,” said Tina Lococo, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

Community engagement will be integral to the development and delivery of the new plans. Both plans will rely on and be strengthened by collective input from residents, businesses, stakeholders, City staff and Members of Council. To do so, the City will rely on several engagement opportunities that leverage the City’s new Community Engagement Framework.

“Further, I am excited the Community Engagement Framework has been initiated as it will strengthen our interactions with residents and stakeholders on a number of fronts, including with respect to large-scale projects such as these two major plans,” she added.

The development of the Strategic Plan and Official Plan are scheduled to begin this spring. Additional details including a timeline will be released at that time.

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