Opportunity to Submit to Imagine Charlottetown

Opportunity to Submit to Imagine Charlottetown Idea Bank Still Available
Posted on 03/25/2020
The City of Charlottetown Arts Advisory Board is still accepting submissions for the Imagine Charlottetown Idea bank. While a Public Health Emergency has been declared, the Advisory Board feels it is important to continue to engage imaginations in something positive, such as public art.

The Advisory Board has been working on developing an Imagine Charlottetown Idea Bank, a public database of artwork ideas, mediums, and locations to inspire more art in the city.

Ideas are being collected until Tuesday, March 31 at 4 p.m., and can be submitted via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. Submissions can be written concepts, art suggestions and include maps, photos, and examples from other locations. There are no restrictions for ideas, which can range from sculptures and murals to light or sound installations. By submitting to the Idea Bank, participants are agreeing to have their submission publicly available.

To submit to the Imagine Charlottetown Idea Bank, use #ImagineCharlottetown on social media, email imagine@charlottetown.ca or mail to:

Attn: Arts Advisory Board c/o City of Charlottetown
PO Box 98, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 7K2

The Arts Advisory Board was appointed to recommend activities and initiatives in arts and cultural matters to City Council, and to undertake or support arts and cultural events, programs and projects. For more information on the City of Charlottetown’s advisory boards, visit: www.charlottetown.ca/advisoryboards

The Board has created a slideshow for inspiration of some public art in other communities. To view it or learn more about the Board and the Imagine Charlottetown Idea Bank, visit www.charlottetown.ca/imagine