Police “Rescue” Former Fire Rescue Truck

Charlottetown Police “Rescue” Former Fire Rescue Truck
Posted on 03/13/2019

As the old adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what if something could be redesigned and repurposed? This is exactly what Charlottetown Police Services thought when they heard the Charlottetown Fire Department was preparing to decommission an aging Fire rescue vehicle. Their own support vehicle, a refurbished and redesigned ambulance, was no longer meeting their needs, and they needed something new.

Through discussion with the Fire Department, the vehicle was officially adopted by Police, repainted and decaled.

Fire Department rescue truck prior to being refurbished by Police Services  The newly repurposed vehicle is now used for support, such as carrying and storing equipment, illuminating accident scenes, attending to emergencies in remote areas, and providing light to events.

Fire rescue truck that has been repurposed for PoliceRepainting and decaling a vehicle can be costly, but Police Services received help from a local business that was looking to lend a hand.

“Superior Sanitation assisted with the décor, and helped with some of the overall bill as well,” said Sgt. Watts. “The cost to us was minimal, as a result. Community support goes a long way, and we are very grateful.”

This is the first time Charlottetown Police have adopted equipment formerly used by the City’s Fire Department, but the rapport between the two departments has a long history.

“We have an immense mutual respect for each other,” Charlottetown Police Sergeant Chris Watts said. “We have worked together on incidents, assisted with events, and have a great relationship overall.”

This type of equipment trade isn’t likely to become common place, but Sgt. Watts feels the two departments will continue to look for opportunities to assist each other, including through training and loaning equipment in emergency situations.