Sewer and Water Utility Online Account Portal

Charlottetown Sewer and Water Utility Implements Online Account Portal
Posted on 06/18/2021
The Charlottetown Sewer and Water Utility has implemented an online account portal which will allow customers to receive water and sewer bills electronically. Additionally, customers will be able to view consumption history, past bills and statements, make payments using Visa and Mastercard, and receive reminders of upcoming payment requirements.

To access this new online portal service, individual customers must register an account. To register you will need the following information on hand:
1. Valid email account.
2. Customer Account number (this is made up of two components, a customer I.D., and an account number. These pieces of information are available on your last paper bill).
3. The amount of your last water and sewer bill.

Further details can be found at or

For more information, please contact the Water and Sewer Utility by email at [email protected]