Standing Committees of Council Adjusted

Standing Committees of Council Adjusted
Posted on 05/17/2019
After a special meeting of Council, the City of Charlottetown’s standing committees have been adjusted slightly.

A recommendation came from the Council Advisory Committee that each standing committee should have four members of council, plus the Mayor. This allows the committees to ensure they have quorum (minimum three members of Council) and meetings can go ahead as scheduled without delays due to absences. The addition also allows for motions to be brought forward and approved by any of the voting members, creating a more diverse voice from the committee.

There are 11 standing committees with Council serving in the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair and Members at Large. The Mayor serves on all 11 committees. The committees oversee City departments and report back to the whole Council with recommendations and resolutions for consideration.

The committee structure, which reflects the changes, is available on the City’s website, along with the existing terms of reference for each committee. The information is available under the Mayor and Council section.