Winter Safety Reminders

Winter Safety Reminders
Posted on 11/22/2019

Winter is here again, and with all of the lights, presents, and holiday traditions comes ice and snow. The City of Charlottetown Police Services and Fire Department would like to remind the public to stay safe through the colder season and be prepared for winter weather.

Citizens should check their furnaces to make sure no maintenance is required and that heat systems are working before it gets too cold outside.

Install snow tires or all-season tires to avoid accidents or driving difficulties in snow and ice. Drivers should adjust for the conditions during the colder months.

To keep the roads safe this winter, Police would also like to remind the public to keep vehicle windshields and all mirrors clear of ice and snow.

When preparing homes and businesses for the winter, the Charlottetown Fire Department stresses the importance of smoke alarms on every level and in every sleeping room. Keep all exits and windows accessible, in case of an emergency. And, don’t forget the hotter areas of homes and businesses: clean out dryer vents regularly and keep them clear of snow and ice; keep flammable items away from heat sources; don’t leave lit candles unattended; ensure chimneys are checked and cleaned regularly; and, if putting up a real Christmas tree, be sure to keep it from drying out.

Remember that every home and business should have a fire escape plan, regardless of the time of year, along with a 72-hour preparedness plan.

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