Community Planters Application

Through its Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, the City of Charlottetown aims to promote local food production. 

The City of Charlottetown recognizes that community planters benefit communities by:
o Connecting people to food and nature;
o Providing healthy and local food sources;
o Connecting people to each other;
o Increasing activity in parks and, in turn, creating safer parks; and
o Adding interest to parks.

Below are the requirements in order to have a park considered for community vegetable planters:
o Available City budget and/or other external funding support;
o Appropriate staffing and space available in requested park;
o A minimum of one dedicated person from the community who is willing to assist with the project including tasks such as weeding and watering;
o Understanding that any harvest made available through the project is for anyone in the community to enjoy; and
o Garden must be located in one of our target neighbourhoods in image below. 

To request community vegetable planters in a park in your community, fill out the form below. Requests will be reviewed by the City of Charlottetown Environment and Sustainability Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. Applications received by April 30th will be reviewed for one available new park location in 2021.

For information on the City's Community Gardens Program, click here.
Community Vegetable Planters Application

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