Tree Protection Bylaw

Protected TreeTree Bylaw

In 2019, a Tree Protection Bylaw came into effect in Charlottetown. This bylaw applies to all trees on City property, such as roads, right-of-ways, parks and natural areas. The bylaw applies when work is planned within approximately one metre of the edge of a City tree’s canopy (tree protection zone). In most cases, tree protection fencing will be required to ensure tree damage is minimized. The bylaw also prohibits activities such as tree removals, pruning, attaching items to trees or other work that could damage a tree. An exemption to the bylaw needs to be requested from the City if work is desired within the tree protection zone.

The Tree Protection Bylaw also protects Heritage trees on private property. A Heritage tree has to be 100cm or more in diameter at breast height and be one of five protected species (sugar maple, red maple, American elm, red oak and linden species). 

Charlottetown’s urban forest is essential to the health and quality of life of residents. The city’s tree canopy provides a wide variety of benefits such as air temperature regulation, pollution absorption, storm water management and much more. Trees are also essential to the survival of wildlife and make Charlottetown a livable and sustainable city. Everyone’s help is needed to protect trees, which make Charlottetown the beautiful city it is.

For full Tree Protection Bylaw details visit:

For inquiries relating to the Tree Protection Bylaw please call: 902-566-5548

Pictured above: An example of tree protection fencing and a tree showing impacts of nearby path construction.