Charlottetown's Strategic Plan (2022 to 2026) – a community for everyone, is the City's highest level plan and serves as the road map that will get us from where we are today, to where we want to be in the days and years ahead. 

The unifying principle of the plan, a community for everyone, underscores how we do business – it is infused in our thinking, planning and projects.

It is important to recognize that our new Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with residents, stakeholders, City staff and Council. Taken together, these contributions align the direction of both the corporation and the community. 

The plan was accepted by Council on August 6, 2022.

Message from the Mayor
On behalf of Council, I am pleased to share the City of Charlottetown’s new Strategic Plan  a community for everyone.

This is a bold statement of our vision for the future, with a singular objective: to build a better Charlottetown. This document emerged in close partnership with the community we serve. Contributions from Members of Council, City staff, residents, and stakeholders, helped us develop a definitive and ambitious plan for a purposeful and inclusive City.

The City’s new Strategic Plan establishes a positive, forward-thinking corporate direction that will help us become a more modern and effective government that reflects the values of our community. We cannot wait for you to explore and share our collective priorities for the next five years and beyond.

Community engagement, a core principle of the development of this document, is essential to city-building. Working closely with the community revealed much about what makes Charlottetown a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive place to live, work, and enjoy. It also helped clearly define areas where we can improve.

In response to this process, our priority is to continue collaborating with partners, stakeholders, and other levels of government to create a more livable, healthier, and more sustainable city. We have set our sights high and remain committed to developing and delivering quality programs and services – now and in the future.

Charlottetown has much to be proud of; this Strategic Plan is an opportunity to celebrate what makes our city exceptional while imagining and realizing a future we can build together.

Yours sincerely,

Mayor Philip Brown
Message from the CAO

Strategic Planning is an important tool for us a corporation and a community. Charlottetown’s new Strategic Plan (2022 to 2027) – a community for everyone, will serve as the City’s highest-level plan and be used to set priorities, strengthen our operations, align efforts and focus on what matters most to our residents.

The development of Our Plan comes at a critical time. In recent years, Charlottetown has experienced record numbers in terms of population growth and visitors, along with our highest levels of development activity on record. Additionally, in 2022, the City faced significant staff transitions and we are also continuing to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, the new plan will help define how the City will confront challenges, embrace opportunities and leverage its assets in order to grow and flourish.

Most importantly, Our Plan is a clear marker of a commitment to our collective priorities. It will be used continually drive the corporation toward effective and efficient service delivery, accountability and ongoing improvement.

After my 25-year career with the City of Charlottetown, along with six years of retirement, I am truly grateful to be working with City staff and Council to deliver this foundational work.

With this new plan, I am excited about today, and look forward to our future.

I encourage you to read about our progress and stay connected as we move forward on our new plan over the next four years.

Donna Waddell
Interim CAO


The list below includes key documents related to the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan


To learn more about the engagement opportunities related to the Strategic Plan project, including project updates, visit



We are committed to staying connected throughout the duration of this plan.

Once the Action Plan is developed and approved by Council late 2022/early 2023, our annual progress reports will be posted here.