Report a Water and Sewer Problem

To report an emergency Water and Sewer issue (during regular business hours) , call: 902-629-4014
To report an emergency Water and Sewer issue (outside of business hours), call: 902-626-2100

Water and Sewer Issues:

If you suspect you have a sewer backup, first check the toilets, sinks, and waste pipes to clear any blockages and to ensure that the water is not due to an internal plumbing problem (roof vent blockages can cause gurgling).
If that does not solve the problem, the Charlottetown Water & Sewer Utility will dispatch a crew to clean the sewer main along your street at no charge to you. Please be patient. Your call will be responded to as soon as possible.

While waiting for help to arrive, do not use toilets or sinks because any water you send down the drain will likely end up in your basement. If you have a load of wash going, you can turn off the main water valve to the house.

Locate the building sewer clean-out caps for the home, but do not attempt to open them. they are usually in the basement floor near the front wall, close to the water meter. Make sure the clean-out caps are not blocked by furniture or other objects so the Utility staff can access them.

If the cleaning of the City's sewer main does not solve your backup problem, then you have to hire a plumber and have them clean out your sewer lateral line, all the way from your house out to the City's sewer main.

To report a sewer backup or a missing manhole cover during regular business hours, call 902-629-4014. To report a sewer backup or a missing manhole cover after regular business hours, call 902-626-2100.