Climate Trackers

Climate Trackers is a new citizen-science based sustainability initiative. Community members are invited to register to become Climate Trackers and note their observations related to seasonal changes, weather, plants and wildlife, flooding and more around their home or local neighbourhood on an online web application developed by the UPEI School of Climate and Adaptation.  The purpose of this initiative is to collect local climate data from the community contributions to the app so we can better understand the local impacts of climate change. This data will be used to inform local climate science and municipal government climate change adaptation projects. 

Climate Trackers is a family-friendly initiative that does not require any previous science or data collection experience. As an individual, or a group, participants will be asked to note observations from around their property or local neighbourhood on a regular basis – for example, this could be daily, weekly or anytime something in nature catches the participants attention. 

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Anyone can report their observations to the app but individuals who are dedicated to contribute to local climate science by regularly reporting their observations can register to become Climate Trackers. Registered Climate Trackers will receive a hard copy Climate Diary with information on local climate impacts and space for daily and seasonal observations. Registered Climate Trackers will also receive a Nature Guide that features colour photos and descriptions of plants and animals on PEI to help identify and track their observations.  

For anyone who is familiar with the popular app: iNaturalist, this project can be best described as a local version of that app where the data reported through observations will go directly to local climatologists and to government. 

To learn more about the Climate Trackers project and to register to become a Climate Tracker check out the following pages:

Frequently Asked Questions

Register to become a Climate Tracker

This project was developed in partnership with the UPEI School of Climate and Adaptation and the Town of Stratford.