Fiona Clean Up Program

The City of Charlottetown, in partnership with the Provincial Department of Fisheries and Communities, will help administer a new tree clean up program to support residents with the impact of post-tropical storm Fiona. Specifically, the program will assist residents with cleaning up damaged and fallen trees, along with removing tree debris from their private property.

Starting October 11, 2022, Charlottetown residents can apply for the new program online or by phone. Next, City staff will assess the applications, conduct site visits and evaluate reported damage in order to prioritize impacted properties. City contracted crews will then be deployed to address and clear damaged trees from these properties.

What the Program Covers:

  • Fiona-related uninsurable losses and damage to residential properties. This includes trees fallen in yards, damaged trees at risk of falling, and basic debris clean up on private property in the City of Charlottetown.

What the Program Does Not Cover:

  • Fallen trees or debris on homes or vehicles. These are considered insurable losses, and homeowners or business owners are responsible for contacting their insurance company to resolve Fiona-related damage to their home or vehicle.
  • Uninsurable losses and damage to businesses and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Aesthetic work on private properties, including landscaping or pruning.

How to Apply:
Charlottetown residents can report storm-related damaged trees online using the form below or by phone at 902.629.2594 during regular business hours.

Please note: Charlottetown residents who have already reported damage through the Province’s online damage reporting tool are being transferred to this new program and do not need to provide their information again.

Members of the public who have questions about this program can call 902.629.2594.

For All Other Uninsurable Losses:
All other damage to uninsurable losses relating to residential properties, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations not eligible for this new tree clean up program should apply for the Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance Program for Prince Edward Island.

Residents who have already paid for professional services related to cleaning up damaged and fallen trees on their property may also be eligible for the Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance Program for Prince Edward Island.

For more information on the Provincial Disaster Financial Assistant Program for Prince Edward Island, administered by the Canadian Red Cross, visit: or call 1-833-966-4225.

Residential Property Clean Up Program Application

Note: By filling out the application form below, you are granting permission to City staff and contractors to enter your property without advance notice.

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Civic Number: 

Street Name: 


Postal Code: 

Is this property a primary or secondary residence: 


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Location of concern on property: 

Additional relevant notes/comments to assist staff with prioritization and assessment (i.e. tree in power lines or wires, any other safety hazards): 


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