Construction Projects

Sidewalk Construction Plans (2024 - 2028)

The Public Works Department plans to construct new sidewalk and/or multi-use paved pathways (MUPP) on the following streets over the next five construction seasons:


  • Cedar Avenue from Brackley Point Road to Lincolnwood Drive
  • Westcomb Crescent from Northridge Parkway to Glenview Lane
  • Gates Drive from Massey Drive to Trainor Street
  • Trainor Street from Gates Drive to Irwin Drive
  • Montgomery Drive from Mount Edward Road to Birch Hill Drive
  • Birch Hill Drive from Montgomery Drive to Maple Avenue
  • Moreau Drive from Maplewood Drive to North River Road
  • Angus Drive from St. Peters Road to Croker Street
  • Scott Street from Beach Grove Road to 90-degree bend


  • Westcomb Crescent from Glenview Lane to Andrews Court
  • Lincolnwood Drive from Maple Avenue to Brackley Point Road
  • Parkside Drive from Beach Grove Road to Mayfield Drive
  • Stockman Drive from Malpeque Road to Gardiner Drive
  • Elizabeth Street from Parkview Drive to MacKay Drive
  • Christie Drive from Parkview Drive to Existing Sidewalk 
  • Elena Court from Norwood Road to End (MUPP)
  • Davids Lane from Greensview Drive to Bolger Drive (MUPP)


  • Ash Drive from Maple Avenue to Lilac Avenue 
  • Norwood Road from Friar Drive to apartment buildings (MUPP)
  • Royalty Road from Upton Road to Nanak Avenue
  • Lewis Point Road from Beach Grove Road to Crestview Drive
  • Admiral Street from Prince Charles Drive to Existing Sidewalk
  • Windymere Drive from Highfield Avenue to Robert Avenue
  • East Royalty Road from MacWilliams Road to 90-degree bend (MUPP)
  • Bolger Drive from Riverside Drive to Davids Lane (MUPP)


  • Lilac Avenue from Ash Drive to Shamrock Drive
  • Shamrock Drive from Lilac Avenue to Brackley Point Road
  • Rosemount Drive from Nassau Drive to Belvedere Avenue 
  • Beer Street from Warburton Drive to Skyview Drive
  • Poplar Avenue from Pine Drive to Oak Drive
  • Woodlawn Drive from Mount Edward Road to Maple Avenue
  • Gilbert Drive from MacWilliams Road to Kindred Avenue
  • Prince Charles Drive from Viceroy Avenue to York Lane
  • Highfield Avenue from Lower Malpeque Road to Windymere Drive
  • East Royalty Road from East Royalty Road (north end) to Splendid Drive
  • Bolger Drive from Davids Lane to Kensington Road


  • Maplewood Drive from Moreau Drive to Edinburgh Drive
  • Spruce Street from Moreau Drive to North Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Warburton Drive from Beer Street to North River Road
  • Lewis Point Road from Crestview Drive to Parkside Drive
  • York Lane from Queen Elizabeth Drive to York Lane
  • Prince Charles Drive from Goodwill Avenue to Viceroy Avenue
  • Sherwood Road from Lower Malpeque Road to Malpeque Road
  • Connolly Street from Queen Street to Existing Sidewalk
  • East Royalty Road from Splendid Drive to St Peters Road
  • Alderwood Avenue from Royalty Road to Parkway Drive
Street Resurfacing

Street resurfacing is a process that includes replacing worn-out asphalt on road surfaces and repairing curbs and sidewalks as necessary. Prior to asphalt replacement, crews conduct inspections to locate underground infrastructure and evaluate the condition of roads, sidewalks, and curbs. This evaluation phase may require traffic to be restricted to a single lane in the work area. During the asphalt pouring stage, road closures may be necessary for a maximum duration of six hours.

The following streets will be resurfaced in the 2023 construction season:

To be finished by July 1st:

  • Bishop Street (University Avenue to Granville Street)
  • Granville Street (University Avenue to Bishop Street)
  • Johnson Avenue (McGill Avenue to Charlotte Drive)
  • Upper Prince Street (Gerald Street to Allen Street)
  • King Street (Prince Street to Union Street)
  • Valhalla Crescent (Ellis Road to cul-de-sac)

Complete by September 1st

  • Cumberland Street (Longworth Avenue to Kent Street)
  • Dorchester Street (Hillsborough Street to Cumberland Street)
  • Greenfield Avenue (McGill Avenue to cul-de-sac)
  • Messer Avenue (Arcona Drive to Yorkshire Drive)
  • Queen Street (Doc Blanchard Crescent to Atlantic Road)
  • Atlantic Road (Skyview to Queen Street)

Complete by October 31st

  • Brackley Point Road (MacAleer Road to roundabout)
  • Kirkdale Road (Lower Malpeque ROad to end)
  • Moore Drive (Lori Dale Avenue to Braemore Avenue)
  • Bendella Drive (Lori Dale Avenue to Oldmoore Crescent)
  • Norwood Road (entire paved section)
Spencer Drive Road Extension

Projected Start: Summer 2024

Expected Completion: 2025

Description: The City of Charlottetown is going to extend Spencer Drive to Mount Edward Road. This will help with the heavy traffic on Towers Road caused by people trying to go from University Avenue to Mount Edward Road. To avoid increasing traffic on Ash Drive, a residential street, only right and left turns will be allowed onto Mount Edward Road from the extended Spencer Drive. This will also prevent drivers from turning left onto Ash Drive from Mount Edward Road.

Spencer Drive Extension

Seaview Boulevard - Road Reconstruction

Status: In Progress

Expected Completion: August 2024

Description: This project will involve the reconstruction of the roadway of Seaview Boulevard including the construction of new curb along both sides of the roadway and the resurfacing of the entire roadway, the replacement of water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer system components, and the construction of a sidewalk along the entire length of the roadway. In order to accomplish these objectives and maintain the existing functions of the road, it is necessary to remove the boulevard currently in the centre of Seaview Boulevard.
There are several benefits to doing such: it will allow for the sidewalk to be constructed, two-way street access will be granted to residents, it will simplify maintenance operations and emergency response in the area, it will allow on-street parking to be safely permitted, and it will reduce the footprint of the roadway dedicated to vehicle traffic.
With the proposed cross-section, a new 1.2 m grassed boulevard can be provided between the roadway and the sidewalk. Within this grassed boulevard, trees will be planted or transplanted to ensure that there are an equal number of trees along the roadway when construction is complete as there are currently.

What You Need to Know During Construction

  • Through traffic on Seaview Blvd will be restricted at times, but access to all driveways on Seaview Blvd will be maintained throughout construction. The contractor will communicate to residents if there will be any periodic interruptions to driveway access (for example, if concrete is being poured in front of your driveway) and temporary arrangements will be made.
  • Waste pickup services will continue as scheduled.
  • Dust control measures will be taken to mitigate construction dust.
  • Construction will begin at the North River Rd end of Seaview Blvd and will generally proceed toward Atlantic Rd in a phased approach to minimize disruption.

As part of this project, the City is striving to maintain and replace as much tree cover as possible and encourages residents to consider applying for the City’s Operation Releaf program. This program allows property owners to have a tree planted on their private property at a substantially discounted rate, and Seaview Blvd has been designated as a priority area for this program. For program details and how to apply, please visit and search “Operation Releaf” or call 902-629-6620.

Grafton Street (from Edward Street to Wendy's Driveway and New Connection to Water Street) - Road Reconstruction

Status: In Progress

Expected Completion: Late August 2024

Description: As part of the first phase of the Eastern Gateway plan, the above stated section of Grafton Street is undergoing a complete reconstruction. This includes resurfacing of the entire roadway, and the replacement of water, sewer, and stormwater system components. The intersection shown in the photo below will be implemented to adapt for the realignment of water street that is a part of phase 2 of the Eastern Gateway Master Plan. Additionally, a dedicated lane for right turns onto Edward Street will be added to the northern side of the road.

In the photo below, the work within the scope of Phase 1 is indicated with the red dashed line.
Eastern Gateway Phase 1&2

The Eastern Gateway Master Plan framework was created in 2010 by the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation and its funding partners with the goal of creating a stronger, and more vibrant Eastern Gateway. More information can be found here: Charlottetown-Eastern-Gateway-Waterfront-master-plan2011.pdf (

Water Street Realignment

Status: In Progress

Expected Completion: Late August 2024

Description: As part of the Eastern Gateway Master Plan Phase 2, Water Street will be realigned as shown in the photo below. The realigned Water Street will connect to Grafton Street almost 200 meters east of Edward Street, instead of the Grafton Street, Riverside Drive, and Hillsborough Bridge intersection. The section of Water Street that previously connected to this intersection will be removed. During construction, underground infrastructure such as water and storm distribution systems will be replaces. A multi-use paved pathway will also be installed along the realigned Water Street.

Eastern Gateway Phase 1&2

The Eastern Gateway Master Plan framework was created in 2010 by the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation and its funding partners with the goal of creating a stronger, and more vibrant Eastern Gateway. More information can be found here: Charlottetown-Eastern-Gateway-Waterfront-master-plan2011.pdf (

Hillsborough Park Community Centre Upgrades

Projected Start: Summer 2023

Expected Completion: Winter 2024

Description: The work will include the construction of a new elevator to increase accessibility for all.

Heartz Hall Upgrade and Relocation

Projected Start: Summer 2023

Expected Completion: Summer 2024

DescriptionThe work will include the renovation and relocation of Heartz Hall. The new and improved building will have new eavestroughs, a finished basement accessible by elevator, new windows and doors, new siding, a heat pump, an electric hot water heater, and an accessible entrance way.

Beach Street and Park Street Connection

Status:  Complete

Description: The City of Charlottetown has extended Beach Street to connect to Park Street creating a crescent neighborhood. Access to Park Street from Riverside Drive is no longer available. 

As part of this project, the City improved the stormwater system and constructed a new sidewalk. These improvements will make it safer for people who park at the City event lot to walk to the Eastlink Center. It is expected that the amount of traffic on Park Street will decrease by about 90%.

Beach Street and Park Street Connector

New Roundabout - St. Peters Road/Brackley Point Road/Belvedere Avenue Intersection

Status:  Complete

DescriptionThe construction of the new roundabout at the above stated intersection bis now complete. During the construction, the whole roadway at the intersection was reconstructed, including upgrades to the water pipes, sewer pipes, and storm systems.

This roundabout will help reduce traffic congestion. It will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are emissions that come from cars and contribute to climate change, since cars won't have to stop and start as much.  

The upgrade includes crosswalks with flashing lights that can be turned on by pedestrians to let drivers know someone is crossing. This will improve the safety of the intersection for both pedestrians and drivers.


Westridge (Wilmont Lane to Patterson Drive) - New Sidewalk

Status:  Complete

DescriptionThe work will include the construction of a new 1.5 meter wide sidewalk and curb on the outside of Westridge Crescent from Wilmont Lane to Patterson Drive.

Wedgewood Avenue (Brows Lane to Gordon Drive) - New Sidewalk

Status:  Complete

Description: A new 1.8 meter wide sidewalk and curb has been built on the West side of Wedgewood Avenue from Brows Lane to Gordon Drive.



Beach Grove Road - Large Culvert Replacement

Status: Complete

Expected completion: Summer 2023

Description: The City of Charlottetown removed the outdated wooden box culvert located beneath Beach Grove Road and replaced it with two new concrete box culverts. The new system will help protect the shoreline as well as help with stormwater (rainwater) management.
Beach Grove Road Culvert Replacement

New Municipal Building - Brackley Point Road

Status:  Complete

Expected completion: Summer 2023

Description: The City of Charlottetown constructed a new municipal building to supplement the building at 12 MacAleer Drive. This building will be "net zero" meaning that the building is designed to produce as much energy as it uses.

To achieve this, ground source heat pumps, which use the natural heat from the ground to regulate the building’s temperature, as well as on-site solar panels have been implemented.

New Building

Passmore Street (from Queen Street to University Avenue) - Road Reconstruction

Status: Complete 

Description: The work included the complete remodeling of Passmore Street from Queen Street to University Avenue, including resurfacing of the entire roadway, and the replacement of water, sewer, and stormwater system components. This street underwent sidewalk improvements, involving the removal of the North sidewalk and widening of the South sidewalk to make the walkway more accessible and safe for pedestrians and road users. Additionally, trees and flower beds were implemented to further enhance the aesthetics of the street. To accommodate these changes, Passmore Street has become a one-way street with a 4.1-meter-wide driving lane, a 2.5-meter-wide parking lane, and a 1.5-meter-wide sidewalk on the South side. These improvements will enhance usability for pedestrians and drivers, making Passmore Street an attractive location for businesses and residents.

Tower's Road (From Mt Edward Road to the mall entrance) - New Multi-Use Paved Pathway

Status: Complete

Description:  The work will included a 2.5-meter-wide paved pathway from the mall entrance to Mount Edward Road. This is intended to provide a safe pathway for active transportation.