EMO Team and Charlottetown Alert System


Lets take a look into the City of Charlottetown’s Emergency Measures Team, as well as the Charlottetown Alert System.

The Emergency Measures Organization, or the EMO Team, is comprised of senior management employees, Chief’s of Fire and Police, the CAO, and the Mayor. The role of the EMO Team is to create detailed plans and complete mock scenarios to help ensure the City is prepared for a wide variety of emergencies. If the EMO Chief calls a state of emergency, the EMO Team is activated and a plan is put into action. The City’s EMO team also provides support to the Provincial EMO team when required and vise versa.

72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit
As part of personal emergency preparedness, citizens should be prepared to take care of themselves and their family for at least 72 hours.

The public is encouraged to prepare for all types of emergencies such as hurricanes, flooding, blizzards or other events that may mean days without electricity or other utilities, and potential delays in emergency response or access to supplies.

Prepare a 72-hour emergency kit and ensure everyone in the household knows where the emergency kit is located. Include items such as:

• A supply of water for between three and seven days;
• Non-perishable food;
• A stocked First Aid kit;
• Prescription and non-prescription medicines;
• Formula, diapers and other baby supplies, if needed;
• A manual can opener;
• Toiletries;
• Battery-powered radios and flashlights with extra batteries;
• Blankets and a change of clothing for each household member (in case of evacuation);
• Candles and matches or a lighter;
• Cash;
• and, a charged cell phone.

The Charlottetown Fire Department encourages the public to use the free emergency plan templates available on our website to create customized plans for their home, business and/or pets.
Charlottetown Alert System
The City also has an Alert System which is a free service that anyone can sign up for to receive notifications in the event of an emergency or evacuation. The Charlottetown Alert System is an online, subscription-based system that allows the City to send emergency alerts and other notifications to residents who subscribe.

Subscription to the Charlottetown Alert System is free and users can decide how they want to receive alerts. For example: text message, mobile phone call, landline call, email, etc. There is also a free app available to download as well.

While subscribing we also have some optional alerts that you can chose to sign up for, such as: winter parking restriction notices and traffic advisories. The traffic advisory notifications are issued daily during the construction season and the winter parking restrictions are issued when the snow alert is turned on in the winter months. Each account with the Charlottetown Alert System is individual and you manage your own account. This means at any point you can change what notifications you receive and how you receive them.

So, how do you register for the Charlottetown Alert System? Just visit our website at www.charlottetown.ca and click on the Charlottetown Alert System Button to fill out the online registration. If you need any assistance with creating your account, just call our main number at 902-566-5548.