Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

            Position Title


 Closing Date


Payroll Assistant (One Year Contract) Human Resources   Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 12:00 PM Payroll Assistant - One Year Contract.pdf
Forest and Environmental Officer Environment and Sustainability  Friday, November 1, 2019 at  4:00 PM Forest and Environmental Officer.pdf 

Seasonal & Casual Opportunities:

Applications for seasonal and casual employment may be submitted at any time of the year. Submitted applications are reviewed by the departments considering hiring. An application is valid from date of submission to December 31st of the current year.

Public Works Department:

Public Works consideration for new unionized seasonal employees occurs on an as-needed basis during the year. The Public Works Department has generally been able to cover its labour requirements with returning employees. There have been limited new hires each year since 2001, this is expected to continue for the current year. Any entry level terms are generally 16 weeks in length per year.

Non-unionized casual employment (flaggers, street marking painters, etc.) is summer oriented, starting in late April/early May. Again, the Public Works Department generally rehires employees. There have been limited opportunities to bring on new staff in recent years, the current season is not expected to be different. Flagger position is the most common need, applicants must have completed a Signalers Certification (traffic flagger course). 

Parks and Recreation Department:


High School and University students are advised to submit their applications early in the calendar year, as management within Parks and Recreation review applications for spring/summer employment as early as March. Parks Maintenance positions are filled by the end of April. Most summer program positions are filled by mid May.

Casual part time employment with Fall and Winter Programs such as program leader, canteen workers, security work, etc are usually filled by early September.

Seasonal Workers

Most seasonal work is available either through the parks operations or arenas operated by the City of Charlottetown. Those interested in seasonal work with the City should apply (or reapply) early in the calendar year to ensure that, as work weeks are made available, an up-to-date application is on hand with the latest contact information. Most seasonal employees start work in early May for the spring/summer season and in September for the Fall/Winter season.

For the latest information on work opportunities in the Parks & Recreation  department please contact us at 902-368-1025.

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The City of Charlottetown is an equal opportunity employer and is proud to be an inclusive workplace. Please contact us at hr@charlottetown.ca or 902-629-4123 to request accommodation so that we may help you to submit a timely application and have an equal opportunity to compete for jobs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department supports the City of Charlottetown's vision to manage the Human Resources of the City to the optimal benefit of its citizens and the community through sound employee/labour relations support to the administration and employees of the City.

At the City of Charlottetown, we believe that continuous learning and expansion of skills are important to provide high quality service to the citizens, and we strive to foster positive relations with all stakeholders.

Contribution to the City

To provide leadership, in partnership with the management team and the staff, the Human Resources Department ensures the implementation of the City's Vision Statement to:

Promote employee ownership of the vision, goals, and strategies
•Build a sense of community within the City and on all work sites
•Support the ongoing development and promotion of a safe culture
•Support the development of existing staff
•Support staff in the management of change
•Promote good relations with all employees

Major Functions

The Human Resources Department provides guidance and assistance to employees and managers to ensure legislative and collective agreement compliance in providing City services in support of the goals of our elected officials. Some of our areas of expertise include:

•Labour relations, including administration and participation in contract negotiations
•Recruitment and selection coordination for all departments
•Benefit and salary administration
•Training and development coordination
•Occupational health and safety
•Payroll services and salary administration

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