Subdivision Regulations

Ellen's Creek Aerial PhotoA subdivision is any division or re-division of land. It also includes a lot consolidation of two parcels into one lot. The city has regulations for the subdivision of land under Section 48 of the  Zoning and Development Bylaw.

In most cases, a new subdivision must be serviced by municipal services (sewer, water and storm system), and it is the responsibility of the developer to provide these services and to construct any new streets. A preliminary subdivision plan is first approved and then a final subdivision plan. The Development Officer may waive a preliminary plan if the subdivision is small and does not include the construction of new streets.

Once the final subdivision plan is approved, and if it includes new streets or services, the developer must enter into a Subdivision Roads and Services Agreement with the City before beginning construction of the subdivision. Recreation land must either be deeded to the City or cash-in-lieu paid to the City (City's option) for any subdivision over two lots. For the City to approve a subdivision, the owner must engage a land surveyor licensed to practice in PEI. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Heritage Department.

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