Let's Talk Food

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We can trace the establishment of a Food Council in Charlottetown back to a partnership between the City of Charlottetown, the Food Security Network, and the United Way of PEI in 2017.  At the Let's Talk Food event we brought together various players in the Food System on Prince Edward Island (PEI). We began the Let's Talk Food event with a synopsis on the current state of food system and food security on PEI, and ended it with pledges to take action to improve that current state in various ways. The bulk of the day was spent in participant led group discussion where some of the challenges and assets that exist within our food system were identified. 

A Food Council & Food Charter for Charlottetown were proposed at this event and were met with a positive response by those in attendance. Essentially, Food Council meetings will mimic the format of the Let's Talk Food event; bringing together various players in the food system to take a collaborative and action oriented approach to improving it's current state. 

One of the first items on the agenda of the 10-12 member Food Council, once it is established, will be to develop a Food Charter for Charlottetown. A Food Charter is a vision statement that describes what a community wants it's food system to look like. It outlines key goals and acts as a non-binding, guiding document for food policy and initiatives. 

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