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Bring It Charlottetown

We asked people who visited the Bring it Charlottetown pledge booth why they choose to bring their reusable items. Check out the video to hear what they had to say. 

Learn more about the Bring it Charlottetown campaign and get tips and information on bringing your reusables at: www.charlottetown.ca/bringit

Thanks to everyone that makes an effort to reduce their single-use plastic use, especially those featured in this video who were willing to speak to their reasons for doing so. Also a big thanks to Oakar Myint for capturing and editing the video.

Meet & Speak in the Inspired City

Engaged and inspired citizens came together to create a shared vision for a greener future for Charlottetown. Feedback from this event was the foundation for the updated Integrated Community Sustainability Plan released in 2017. Thank you to everyone who lent their vision and their voice at this event, and to Mille Clarke for capturing it.

Charlottetown, What Does 'Sustainability' Mean to You?

Imagine four nights in October, sixteen passionate people sharing stories and an audience ready to share their ideas about what makes a Healthy Vibrant and more Sustainable City. This video showcases footage of local champions and how they are contributing to Charlottetown's future.

The City thanks local filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes of One Thousand Flowers Productions for creating this 3 part series. Mille's boundless talent delivers the audience incentive to connect and share experiences in their community.

Sustainability. It's Happening Here, Charlottetown.

We can all be catalysts for a conversation, with our family and friends, neighbours, local businesses and organizations. All the footage for this video was taken in Charlottetown, PE with streetscapes and people that inspire us to make our City a place to share, grow and connect.

This video provides a context for the dialogues happening in our City around issues of Sustainability and what possibilities we imagine for our future. The City thanks local filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes of One Thousand Flowers Productions for bringing these perspectives to life.

Charlottetown; Creating a More Sustainable Future.

What is the City of Charlottetown doing about sustainability? Hear about what initiatives are happening locally, engage and connect with our city and its services.

Thank you to Charlottetown filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes of One Thousand Flowers Productions, for delivering a unique 'Pocket Doc' that presents a platform for dialogue, ideas and action at home