Memorial Tree and Shrub Program

Memorial TreeMemorial Tree

What is the Memorial Tree and Shrub Program?

Residents, businesses and visitors to our beautiful City are invited to dedicate a tree or shrub to be planted in the City of Charlottetown's open spaces and park grounds, to leave a lasting memorial. This gift could commemorate a significant occasion such as an anniversary, birth of a child, special event, or the passing of a loved one.

What kinds of trees/shrubs can be planted?

Staff will work with you to choose a species of tree or shrub that is suitable to the location.

What is the Cost of planting a Tree or Shrub?

Tree Memorial Planting is $500.00 

Shrub Memorial Planting is $100.00

What does this price include?

The price for the Tree Memorial includes a large caliper tree, planting and maintenance for the life of the tree.

The price for the Shrub Memorial includes a 2 gallon shrub, planting and maintenance for the life of the shrub.

All memorials would be recorded in a Memorial Book which would be located in Charlottetown City Hall.

Are the Memorial Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes. All Memorial Donations are tax deductible. An official receipt will be issued by the year-end in which the donation was made.

How is the Planting Location Chosen?

The specific location for the Tree/Shrub Memorial Planting Program will be coordinated with City of Charlottetown staff.

Give Us a Call!

If you are interested in further information regarding the Memorial Tree and Shrub Program please contact the City of Charlottetown at (902) 566-5548.

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