Stump Removal Rebate Program


In response to increased tree work required after post-tropical storm Fiona, and impacts to personal finances, the City of Charlottetown has launched a Private Stump Removal Rebate Program.
This rebate is intended to deal with large and/or hazardous stumps on private property.

Invoices of $999 and under could be eligible for a $200 rebate, invoices of $1000 and over could be eligible for a $500 rebate. Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, based on eligibility and available budget. This means there is no wait list and no recipients will be pre-approved.

To be eligible for this program, stump/s must be:

  • On private residential land in Charlottetown (not a business, institutional or rental property);
  • Over 30cm in diameter, AND
  • Be located in a front yard or back yard only if the stump is a hazard, all or partially pulled out of the ground.

Stumps removed prior to the launch of this program (September 8) will not be eligible for a rebate.

To receive a rebate for your stump removal the homeowner must coordinate the stump/s removal with a reputable contractor of your choice, and submit a rebate form to the City of Charlottetown. The form must be signed by both the homeowner and the contractor, and include the paid invoice for the stump removal that was completed
Applications will not be reviewed until work is complete and all documents are received.

There are two ways to submit your rebate application. Applications and original documentation can be delivered to City Hall at 199 Queen Street between the hours of 8-4.



Applications and original documentation can be mailed to:

Residential Stump Rebate Program
c/o Sydney Gillis
Environment and Sustainability Dept.
City of Charlottetown
PO Box 98, 199 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7K2

Questions? Call 902 566 5548 or email [email protected].