Food Waste

Food Waste Friday

Over half of the food produced in Canada each year goes to waste. A great deal of this waste happens at the consumer level. In addition to the food that is lost, this also represents a loss of money and other resources and is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In PEI, we are very fortunate to have an effective composting system run by Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) that turns much of the food we waste into rich compost for use on farms and gardens. However, it is still important to reduce the food waste we produce by:

  • Buying only what is needed
  • Ensuring that what is purchased is consumed
  • Disposing of any unconsumed food in the compost, never as waste

Food Waste Challenge


The City of Charlottetown partnered up with Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) and the Province of PEI, to launch a 5-Day Food Waste Challenge for Waste Reduction Week. Click here to take the challenge anytime and learn what you can do to reduce the food you waste!

And see below for more information on food waste in Canada:

Food Waste Facts