Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy Saturday
Sharing resources that we don't use often can prevent each of us from owning unnecessary items. Participating in the sharing economy could look like carpooling with a co-worker instead of owning a car or lending your saw to a neighbor a few times a year to prevent them from purchasing their own. 

Charlottetown Tool Library

A great way to take part in the sharing economy in Charlottetown is by using the Charlottetown Tool Library. The library stocks numerous tools and other items that individuals may need to use from time to time but often not enough to own.
 Visit the Charlottetown Tool Library's website for more information on the type of items they carry.

Additionally, the tool library is always on the lookout for donations of building tools, needlework and knitting supplies, gardening tools, painting equipment and other items to add to their inventory. Get in touch if you have something to donate!