Swap & Repair

Swap and Repair Sunday

Sharing, swapping, & repairing items you already own is one of the best ways to reduce your waste. Giving new life to broken or unwanted objects is always preferable to throwing them away or purchasing something new. It's also often easier on the wallet!

The many how-to fix-it videos on the internet make it easier than ever to repair any worn out items that are collecting dust in the corner of your closet or garage. A quick search on Youtube can have you well on your way to repairing those ripped jeans or leaky faucet and learning a new skill as well! For simple bike repairs, check out this great video series created by PEI Bike Guy.

Curbside Giveaway Day

On October 24, 2021 the City held the second annual Curbside Giveaway Day! As part of this event, residents were able to clear out some of their unwanted items and pick up a new treasures that neighbors were hoping to give away!

To participate:

  • Place your unwanted, reusable items on the curbside in front of your home
  • Ensure items are disinfected prior to placing on the curb
  • Mark the items you place along the curb with a sign that says 'FREE'
  • Remove all unclaimed items by sundown on the day of the event

When hunting for treasures:

  • Maintain physical distancing and any other requirements dictated by PEI's Chief Public Health Office
  • Respect private property
  • Only take items that are marked as 'FREE'
  • Obey traffic laws - don't block traffic or driveways
  • Disinfect any items you pick up prior to taking them into your home

Guidelines for items placed on the curb:

  • Items must be reusable
  • Items should not be at risk of containing bed bugs (e.g. bedding, mattresses, soft furniture)
  • Items should be in good, usable condition
  • Follow the guidelines set by the federal government regarding items safe for selling at garage sale.

What to do with unclaimed items?

  • Consult Island Waste Management Corporation's (IWMC) Interactive Sorting Guide for disposal instructions
  • Donate items to a charitable organization or thrift store
  • Post your item for sale on an online platform such as Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace