Swap & Repair

Swap and Repair Sunday

Sharing, swapping, & repairing items you already own is one of the best ways to reduce your waste. Giving new life to broken or unwanted objects is always preferable to throwing them away or purchasing something new. It's also often easier on the wallet!

The many how-to fix-it videos on the internet make it easier than ever to repair any worn out items that are collecting dust in the corner of your closet or garage. A quick search on Youtube can have you well on your way to repairing those ripped jeans or leaky faucet and learning a new skill as well! For simple bike repairs, check out this great video series created by PEI Bike Guy below:

  1. Episode 1: How To Fix A Flat
  2. Episode 2: Before You Ride
  3. Episode 3: Adjust Your Brakes
  4. Episode 4: Shifting Tips
  5. Episode 5: Safety