Audited Financial Statements

The Finance, Audit & Tendering Department is located primarily on the third floor, of City Hall at 199 Queen Street in downtown Charlottetown. With the Accounts Receivable Personnel located on the first floor.

This department monitors the overall City operating budget along with the Water and Sewer Utility budget.

Specific areas of responsibility include all general government billing, payments and computer activities, preparation of financial statements, payroll functions, purchasing, insurance coverage and claims, and banking.

The major activity of this department is to consolidate all financial information and set in place policies and procedures to ensure that the financial report to Council, Committees, Administration, Auditors, Financial Institutions, and the general public is both timely and accurate. In order to obtain maximum value of the tax dollar and to standardize the tendering process, this department is also preparing a Policies and Procedures Manual to be used for all procurement requirements for the City.

Charlottetown Water & Sewer Corporation Superannuation Plan Financial Statements (December 31, 2017).pdf
City of Charlottetown Superannuation Plan Financial Statements (December 31, 2017).pdf
Charlottetown Water & Sewer Corporation Financial Statements 2017.pdf
City of Charlottetown Consolidated Financial Statements (December 31,2017).pdf

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