Community Energy Plan

Community Energy

In January 2018, the City of Charlottetown provided a platform for residents to share their ideas, concerns, and vision for Charlottetown's energy future. 
Now it is once again time for Charlottetown residents to weigh in, this time on the City's proposed plan for a sustainable, 100% renewable energy future.  

Project phase

Municipalities play an important role in the international, national, regional and local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy. The Draft Community Energy Plan (CEP) helps define the city’s community energy priorities with a view to improving efficiency, cutting emissions, and driving economic development.


By 2050, Charlottetown is a carbon neutral, diverse and economically strong community, powered only by renewable energy.

Charlottetown aims to quickly reduce community GHG and air pollutant emissions while securing reliable affordable energy locally, increasing efficiency energy, and creating jobs and economic growth.

Read more about our targets, objectives, and abbreviated actions in the Draft Community Energy Plan.

The first sparks of this vision for Charlottetown’s energy future were lit during the public energy information and consultation sessions in January 2018. Hundreds of residents took various opportunities, online and in person, to engage on the topics of energy efficiency in buildings and the transportation sector, local renewable energy sources, and sustainable community development.

You are invited to review Charlottetown’s Draft Community Energy Plan and provide feedback online.