Community Energy Plan

Community Energy

Charlottetown City Council adopted the Community Energy Plan on February 11th 2019, recognising the important role that Municipalities, like Charlottetown, play in the international, national, regional and local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Community Vision for a
Sustainable Energy Future

Charlottetown aims to quickly reduce community GHG and air pollutant emissions while securing reliable affordable energy locally, increasing energy efficiency, and creating jobs and economic growth. The City envisions exceeding current targets in 2030 and transitioning all energy for homes, businesses, cars, and trucks to clean, renewable sources before 2050. In short, the City's vision is:

"By 2050, Charlottetown is a carbon neutral, diverse and economically strong community, powered only by renewable energy." 


Charlottetown's Community Energy Plan (CEP) defines the City’s  energy priorities with a view to improving efficiency, cutting emissions, and driving economic development.

Objective One
Objective Two
Objective Three
Objective Four

Read more about our targets, objectives, and abbreviated actions in the Community Energy Plan.

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