Water Reports

The Province of Prince Edward Island is totally dependent on groundwater for its source of drinking water. As groundwater flows through an aquifer it is naturally filtered. The water for City of Charlottetown is extracted from thirteen wells in three wellfields and distributed to customers. The water removed is replenished by precipitation.

The natural filtering process and the long residence time underground means that groundwater is usually free from disease-causing organisms. For the purpose of public health, the water is disinfected to ensure a high level of water quality to the points of delivery and consumption and the only water treatment that is done is the addition of fluoride. The latter is a result of a plebiscite in 1967 where residents voted in favour of fluoridation.

These natural safeguards can be compromised if sources of contaminates are close to wells. The Utility recognizes this and has developed a wellfield protection program.

Minimize Your Intake of Lead

The infrastructure that was installed in 1888 is still in existence. With the age of the system in the older part of Charlottetown, concern has been raised regarding lead pipes and the Utility has been working with its residents on a lead replacement program.

For further information, please check out the following websites:
Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations
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Under provincial legislation, the Utility is required to report to its residents on an annual basis. It is also required to do regular sampling of the water and an overview is included in each annual report. View annual water reports below.