Understanding My Water and Sewer Bill

Reading Your New Water & Sewer Utility Bill - Metered Customers

Charlottetown Water & Sewer Utility has made changes to your Water & Sewer Utility bill to help you track and manage your water use more effectively. You can use this information to make conservation goals for your property and manage your water and sewer charges.
A twenty twenty four water bill is broken down with text bozes and arrows to explain what different parts of the bill mean.
If you need assistance, please call 902-629-4007.

To view current Water & Sewer Utility rates click here

Paying Your Water & Sewer Utility Bill

There are several different options available for paying your water bill

Checking Your Meter for Leaks

If you notice an unexplained increase to you water and sewer bill this may be a sign that you have a leak somewhere on your property. To check for leaks:

  1. Check to ensure that all faucets, and any appliances that use water are turned off and make sure that toilets are not flushed during the test.
  2. Look at your meter and make sure that the “Low Flow Indicator” is NOT moving (See diagram below). If it is NOT moving, you do not have any leaks. If you can see it moving then there is likely a leak in your property, check your toilets first, incorrectly seated or worn-out toilet flappers are the number one cause of leaks in the home.



To view historical Water and Sewer rates, see below.