Bring it Charlottetown

Bring it Charlottetown

The City of Charlottetown recognizes that single-use plastics are harming the environment and is dedicated to finding local solutions to this global problem.

Single-use plastics such as: straws, cutlery, water bottles, and hot and cold drink cups/lids are manufactured to be used only once, often for a very brief period before being thrown away. They are difficult to properly dispose of especially when used away from home and are the most common items found during shoreline clean-ups. 

In Canada, single-use plastics are more than 1/3 of all of the plastic waste produced.  The City of Charlottetown, like many other Municipalities across Canada, has recognized that the current level of single-use plastic use is not sustainable. Our recent survey on single-use plastics received over 1,220 responses and showed us that the local community shares our concern on this issue. Over 78% of respondents identified that they are very concerned about the current volume of single-use plastic waste generated by Islanders.

What inspired us?

YOU! The success of the single-use plastic bag ban and Islander’s ability to adapt to remembering to BYO reusable bags was inspiring for our team. Island Waste Management Corporation estimates that there will be a reduction in over 30 million single-use plastic bags since people really started to Bring It! The City of Charlottetown was also overwhelmed to have received over 1,220 responses to our online survey on single-use plastics. The responses to that made it clear that we have a community that is very interested in reducing single-use plastics and is willing to take action to do it! 
Our approach was inspired by @greenyc – the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability that has a similar campaign in New York! Check out the great work they’re doing as well:  

Why do you Bring it?

We asked people who visited the Bring it Charlottetown pledge booth why they choose to bring their reusable items. Here is what they had to say: