Sewer Collection and Treatment

Treatment Plant

Charlottetown Wastewater Treatment PlantWastewater from Charlottetown is collected by the City’s sanitary sewage system and transported to the Treatment Plant on Riverside Drive. The Treatment Plant is an activated sludge secondary facility that reduces BOD and suspended solids. It also uses ultraviolet disinfection that negates the need for chlorine gas and aeration to facilitate a reduction in ammonia. 
The plant releases treated water into the Hillsborough River and the Charlottetown Harbour that is acceptable for recreational water use and the shellfish industry.
The plant also produces a biosolid that meets the Exceptional Class A standard as defined by the EPA Part 503 Rule.

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As per Section 17(2) of the Environmental Protection Act Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations, the owner of a Class IV “wastewater treatment facility shall ensure that samples of treated wastewater are collected and analyzed for

  1. Biological oxygen demand, suspended solids and fecal coliform on a monthly basis
  2. Ammonia, total phosphorus and total nitrogen on a yearly basis

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Sewerage Line Check Valve

In the case of the building so located that any plumbing fixture in the building is below street level or so as to be affected by a back flow on the sewerage line, such premises shall be provided with a suitable check valve. The complete cost of the check valve, its installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer. If the customer chooses not to install a check valve and a backup occurs in the customer's premises the customer shall be responsible for any damages sustained.

Note, however, that installation of a check valve does not absolve a customer of responsibility for any damages sustained as a result of a sewerage backup.

We recommend you contact your home insurer for information concerning sewerage backup insurance. In the event your sewer line going to the street is plugged and/or sewage is backing up into your basement, we recommend you contact the City of Charlottetown Water & Sewer Utility to check the sewermain on the street prior to calling your plumber.

This notice shall also serve to advise the City of Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility will not be responsible for customers plumbing bills as a result of sewer backup.