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Every corner of this historic city tells an ever-expanding story, and anyone wandering through Charlottetown’s enchanting streets bears witness to these overlapping narratives. Artists breathe life into these tales, peeling back the layers of time and inviting us to experience the meaning behind these stories, both old and new.

An essential component of our streetscapes is our remarkable and growing collection of public art. These publicly accessible artworks weaves a vibrant tapestry that binds our community together and showcases the diversity of Charlottetown’s creative energy.

Learn more about the City of Charlottetown's public art collection below!

For questions about public art in Charlottetown, contact Doug Dumais, Culture and Economic Coordinator at [email protected]

Charlottetown Art Walk

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In July 2023, the City of Charlottetown released a new self-guided art walk.

Focused on the downtown core, this self-guided art walk tour can be enjoyed at your own pace and explored in any order. The suggested route spans just under two kilometres from the Charlottetown Fire Department (89 Kent St.) to Confederation Landing. Along the way, you’ll discover hidden treasures around every corner, most of which can be experienced from the sidewalk or just a few steps away.

Print copies of the self-guided Charlottetown Art Walk pamphlet are available at the Visitor Information Centre at City Hall (199 Queen Street) during regular business hours.

Click the download button below to download the mobile-friendly version of the Charlottetown Art Walk [PDF - 2 MB]

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Click the download button below to download the web-friendly version of the Charlottetown Art Walk [PDF - 2 MB]

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Public Art Opportunities

To see current and past calls to artists for public art commissions, click here. 

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