Urban Wildlife

Charlottetown is fortunate to have natural areas, parks and other urban spaces where wildlife lives or travels through. It is important that people and wildlife co-exist in the city. Here are some tips to make these interactions safe and positive:

- Do not feed wildlife. This can harm the health of the animal and put yourself at risk. 
- Do not handle wildlife, even if sick or injured.
- Keep pets on a leash.
- Ensure compost bins and garbage cans are well sealed.
- Make sure buildings and decks do not have openings for wildlife to get in.

For further information on wildlife, such as how to minimize issues with skunks and raccoons on your property, get in touch with PEI Forest, Fish and Wildlife.

The City has a free service for trapping nuisance skunks and raccoons. Please call Public Works at 902-894-5208 or email [email protected] to request this service.

For more information on urban wildlife, check out our fact sheets.