Drink Local

Drink Local

 Looking for a fresh, healthy drink? Look no further than the tap.

The City of Charlottetown takes pride in its ability to offer safe drinking water to its customers, newcomers, and visitors. All you need is to turn on the tap.

The Province of Prince Edward Island is totally dependent on groundwater for its source of drinking water. Water removed is replenished by precipitation. The groundwater is naturally filtered as it flows through an aquifer. The natural filtering process and the long residence time underground means that groundwater is typically free from disease-causing organisms.

The City of Charlottetown has four wellfields and extracts water from its wells for distribution to customers. Although the groundwater is naturally filtered and generally safe, the City disinfects the water it extracts to ensure a high level of water quality to the points of delivery and consumption. Water is tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with strict government regulations.

Charlottetown’s water is refreshing and safe to drink.

Drinking Water Tips

  • For instant cold drinking water, refrigerate some or use ice cubes.

  • Keep a jug of drinking water in your refrigerator, this eliminates running the water to get cold and also helps for those that notice the taste or odour of chlorine in their water.

For more water tips, visit www.bewaterfriendly.ca